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(Анжела, 30. 10. 2010 8:50)

Hello! I from Ukraine! With the great pleasure walked around pages of your site. Very beautiful dogs. I wish you successes at exhibitions and in breed cultivation. Yours faithfully, Angela.


(Hello Olinka, 1. 1. 2010 12:28)

You got a great website and the most sweetest poms. Thank you for getting knowing you :-) Wish you the best luck with your breed and yourself in the year 2010.
Take care and we talk soon :-)

Greeting from Norway from
Elisabeth & Kennel Mini-Amores


(Marina, 29. 12. 2009 21:01)

Želám Vám i Vašim blízkym mieru,
zdravie, šťastie a prosperitu
V najbližších nového roka.


(Irina, 16. 8. 2009 21:00)

Congratulations to this wonderful homepage and to your beautiful dogs.

Piccobello Pomeranian

(Steffi and the Piccobello`s, 24. 3. 2009 9:39)

Your dogs are lovely ! Congratulations ! We love the white ! Sent many greetings from germany ,
Steffi and the Piccobello`s


(http://www.spitz3.narod.ru, 22. 1. 2009 3:39)

Congratulations to this wonderful homepage and to your beautiful dogs.


(Iveta Pirovska , 7. 10. 2008 20:56)

Congratulation about your Junior European Winner!!!

Thenk you

(Olinka, 8. 5. 2008 19:50)

Thank you behind beautiful words


(Iveta Pirovska , 6. 5. 2008 19:01)

Hello,we are from Bulgaria,Sofia.
You have great and lovely dogs.We love and breed white kleinspitz.I hope we could be friends.http://www.orchide-in-blossom.com this is our site where you can see our dogs.


(Olinka, 9. 1. 2008 20:47)

Thenk you


taky zdráví i smečka a dvě kočičky


(pretty, 9. 1. 2008 17:28)

Zdraví pretty a špicové.

greetings from poland

(ingrid, 7. 11. 2007 10:52)

you have lovely dogs and
a great site,
greetings from poland
from kennel Little kings

Greetings from Poland

(Kennel Vintoyra , 21. 10. 2007 22:21)


I have seen your dog on Krakow dog show :)
I am glad that I have found your website ;)
Your dogs are lovely :)

See You soon on dogshows :) I hope we could talk together :)

Marta ( www.vintoyra.com.pl)