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About us, then largely about me plus our doggies

My name is Olinka Hložková and even if are homesters doggies officially meanwhile writing on papa, so primary objective breeder and exhibitor is me. Even if - mom it either pretty took and ours breeder plans and trust get sturdy shape. Already as I she was born, was en famille gamboge bitch spoke Tinka, which I'm grew up. Then acceded to the pack her son Heky. Heky is though result pure for analysis loves namely because of me, because sparkler which stray about our cottage and me much like so here him let go on farmyard (namely guns things, in that time ghastly interesting) but despite him shall we like to. Lives near grandmother and just Tom - why year has eight years. Hereafter Tinka's wanted parents again spoke, best with certificate origin even if about shows at the time yet didn't fall through nor word. At search puppys and ring around breeders we're got contact on Mrs. Šlahunek, breeding station z hradu Pajreku , which had just now to delivery issued black and white female. Nor we're didn't have image, how such black and white spitz looks. In a place of we're found out, that the nobly. Sarah be ours! To the today's time be in contact with family Šlahunek, are it much willing and kind man and all his love and time pay its small dears. Sarah grow into beautiful dog lady, felt we're get on for show and went beyond expectation. Appearance to her solitary colour we're found out, that the find for her . bridegroom won't simple. So that her indulge that best, contacted we're French breeder Claude Grange, which to us offered white doggy on behalf of Anicet d' Arlande. Anicet be not only future bridegroom for Sarah, but also for me present to thirteenth birthday plus for all present Christmas.Rode we're to him to the airport to Prague 19. 12. 2006. Was it day, whereon don't forget. Show state mine little horse plus thanks that, because them say about he failed and parents, drive shows quite often. Aniceta and Sarah show amuses, so that them we can pay fully. Ride and abroad, so that felt different environment and various arbitrator. Every arbitrator has a little other style assessing, therefore isn't forward will never nothing some. To the Warshava on this year's „ internationally" we're rode with mom by train, which be enough adventurous, but at least Shall I what reminisce with. S Anicetem we're were and in Zagreb on European dog show. Went very well. Encountered we're there and with his breeder Claude, which as well exhibited. Be abreast of Anicetem very satisfied and praised, how well - conducted. Already much please, as far as with us will on show ride and descendant Sarah and Anicet. I hope, that the in him unites very best of of both two. See you later in imposing circle !! Still better, see you later, catch sight of me on „ case". Then I hope, because I'd have pleasure form and spoke certainly will deserve more glory.